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Thank Goodness for This: My Baby Carrier

I remember my first introduction to this lovely invention! I was on the bus commuting to work and pregnant, so my eyes were automatically drawn to moms and their babies ("That would be me soon! How do they do it?" I thought to myself.) There was one stylish mama who got on the bus with her baby girl. She had on this carrier with baby, who looked quite comfy. The mom sat right in the front of the bus next to an elderly lady who instantly commented on how adorable her little one was. She was definitely adorable! The mom had snapped the cream colored hood over baby. Elderly lady was still trying to peek at baby but the mom kindly told her that her little one was nursing. Amazing! This mom was an expert. She looked so cool, calm and collected...On the bus, breastfeeding and no one would have been the wiser. In any case, I decided right then and there I wanted this carrier for myself too.

There was another carrier too that I encountered. It was either on the way to Puerto Rico or coming back from Puerto Rico. I can't recall now BUT... I know that I was on the air train at the airport. Another stylish mama got on the air train with baby in carrier and wheeling a huge luggage along her side as well. Another mom who looked like an expert to me... just cool, calm and collected. I guess the one she had would more accurately be called a sling. I decided right then and there I wanted this sling for myself too. Ha!

I got both. The verdict? I couldn't figure out how to use the sling. It does come with illustrated instructions PLUS a DVD and video tutorials AND they did say practice makes perfect BUT I just never got the hang of it.

My Ergobaby Baby Carrier on the otherhand: I LOVE IT.

With this carrier, I have been able to keep baby with me where we're both happy and content.

We've run errands. We've gone on nature walks. We've done chores around the house. We've watched sporting events. We've danced at a wedding. We've visited family and friends. We've been to parties. We've walked the dog. You get the picture.

Most importantly, she feels safe and secure and in it, she is able to fall peacefully asleep.


♥ Stephanie