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Affordable Modern Baby Decor: The Cutest Drying Rack for Your Kitchen

The Boon Lawn Countertop Drying Rack: as soon as I saw this at the baby store, I knew I had to have this for our apartment kitchen! The look is low-profile, modern, and most of all this item is affordable. It comes in varying sizes (approximately 14"x11", 9"x9", 17"x3") and also has additional add-ons like the twig and flower stem to hang bottle tops / caps. I went with this in green (it also comes in white) and added a white twig (which also comes in gray).

In practice, it looks great atop our white countertop and works well to dry small baby items like bottles, cups, bottle tops, small toys and teethers. I'm a fan. Disclaimer: The photo above is not my kitchen. The photo is from the Amazon product page. If that was my kitchen? Ooo nelly! :)

♥ Stephanie