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The Working Nursing Mama: Pumping On-the-Go

From personal experience, I am a fan of the Medela Swing Breastpump!

It's light and compact. When I returned back to work after maternity leave, I was lugging around the big pump I got for free from insurance. I had that pump in a tote bag slung over my shoulder as well as my main bag, which ain't that small. It definitely became heavy and cumbersome while commuting about... walking to and fro, riding the bus, riding the subway. This is New York City! During rush hour, you're pretty much packed like sardines in a can. With the Swing, I could stuff everything all in one purse.

It allows you to be mobile. One mama told me she could walk around with her Medela Freestyle pump. Another told me she could pump in the car. She actually purchased a car charger for her pump. I said, "WHAT?! That's fantastic!" I thought you had to be constantly connected to a wall with an electrical outlet and you totally don't... My eyes were opened to the possibilities. This pump allows you freedom. Simply disconnect the AC adapter and input AA batteries.

Say you're away from the little one for the night because you're off to see a Bruno Mars concert. You have to pump while you're away, right? Well, just throw this thang in your bag and be on your way. True story. Super convenient... I was able to pump in the car we parked in the concert venue lot.

It's an affordable option. This is a biggie. A lot of the double pumping kits are two hundred or three hundred dollars. When you don't have a lot of cash, these prices can be intimidating but the Swing is only around a hundred bucks. Yep! Not bad, aye?

All in all I'm glad I got it. This is my go-to for pumping in the office and wherever. Check it out :)

♥ Stephanie