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The Working Nursing Mama: Pumping On-the-Go Part II

In a previous post, I touted my Medela Swing Breast Pump and I totally am still a fan but on-the-go and out-and-about I have been in the situation where the batteries have DIED on me. Kaput. NADA! And of course since I planned on pumping using battery power, I made the mistake of leaving the ac adapter home. TOTAL bummer, I know. The positive that came out of that situation was I learned hand-expression on the fly. Yep, I had no idea the techniques prior. And yes, many... MANY sighs of relief when I finally figured it out.

In any case, I decided I need to carry a manual breast pump! So... I'm currently using this:

It's the Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump. The verdict? I like it! For my purposes it works just fine. I can keep it in my bag, express quickly if need be so I highly recommend if you're looking for something to use.

A few things to note:

My little one is over the age of one. She's drinking both mama's milk and cow's milk, so I'm no longer trying to upkeep and store ounces of breast milk for her. She can have either when available, so when evaluating this product I'm not thinking about how much output I'm getting.

I currently use this pump, maybe once a day, so it's not tiresome to express manually for me.

I'm ok with the fact that the pump doesn't fit the Medela bottles I already have. I just pump into the above Lasinoh bottle and then pour into a Medela bottle once done. I store all the parts in one plastic zip bag. Easy breezy.

This is the only manual pump I've tried and I have nothing to compare it to but I find it quiet, efficient and comfortable so I don't think I will be looking to replace it with another anytime soon. Check it out :)

♥ Stephanie